Welcome to RUTTERWEB

This website is for information to the viewer. It contains information and my experiences on various aspects in my life. I have been fortunate to visit many parts of the world and to participate in certain hobbies of mine which are close to my heart

Welcome to Rutterweb

This is my first attempt at building a web site, I have been attending Gateshead College learning how to use Adobe products like Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks.

I am using this site just to publish Information and Photographs of some of my experiences while traveling abroad and here at home. I have been very lucky and been able to travel to some of the worlds most amazing places, so I hope you enjoy the Photographs and information given on this site..


Another hobby and pastime of mine is Motorcycling and Mountain Bike riding I will give you more information as well as links to other sites and some of the routes i have taken on my mountain bike around the area where I live. I like to keep myself fit by cycling and swimming.

This is what is called a static web site as it just contains images and text and links and hyperlinks. Later this year I am attending another Course to learn the properties of Java Script , PHP and ASP so that I can learn more dynamic pages and more Professional looking web site. In time I plan to be able to Design and maintain real dynamic professional web sites for people. It will only be as a hobby of mine as I am in full Time Employment in Telecommunications. I hope to give an accurate account of all that I have experienced

If anyone has questions about any of the topics I have raised then please feel free to contact me and I will be only to pleased to help

I live in the North East of England a vibrant and Dynamic area it is filled with a wide variety of aesthetic beauty and a region noted for its friendly people and warm friendship.

is an attractive venue in the Tees Valley called "High Force" It is a truly spectacular scene and well worth a visit any time of year.

Above again is a wonderful scene to visit, Raby Castle is a great day out with the history of the Castle and all its interior is open to visit from the Kitchens to the Armoury. Semi wild Deer roam around the Castles grounds

So come on and enjoy this site .........John Rutter

If you want a website building for a very reasonable price just E mail me and I can build whatever you want


......... Tempus fugit




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